More About Me
In 1996 work asked me to relocate from my home in London to a city Id heard very little about; Atlanta. Excited about the promotion, I moved with the plan to return to England in a couple of years. It didnt happen.Atlanta was a very different place in 1996, but I fell in love with the tiny neighborhoods, the green-spaces and the diversity of the people that make up this growing city. I started investing in small houses that needed a bit of love in my favorite neighborhoods of Virginia Highlands and Midtown before settling in Grant Park. It was here that my husband and I renovated a 120-year-old shell into a home for our growing family.Today I am focused on helping other people find their homes and investments throughout the city. Atlanta is made up of so many unique communities with amenities, charm and opportunities to fit every need. My passion is finding the perfect home for people looking to enjoy these neighborhoods and benefit from them both now and in the long-term. If youre new to Atlanta, new to buying and selling or simply want to learn more about homes and lifestyle in the city, please give me a shout. Id love to hear your thoughts and share some ideas.